Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Progress on my painting Adam and Eve

  Working away on Adam and Eve, for my upcoming show at Short Term Gallery, Baker City Oregon in June.  As you can see there is still much left to do, nothing is settled into its finished state. I spend lot of time working on this piece in my mind, auditioning color choices and other possible variations. But of course there are times when what seemed like a good idea must be painted over and  
redone. Stay tuned for further progress reports.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adding my own twist to an old story........


Inspiration sometimes takes me to unexpected places. As an agnostic who was raised an atheist I never expected to suddenly have a image of Adam and Eve pop in my head, insisting on being painted! How do I paint a biblical image that has nothing much to do with the usual classical interpretation? Well I just except it....... I strive in this image to not only be true to my inspiration but also to respect the religious and historical significance of the subject. Did I mention this is HARD!  Stay tuned for later updates on my progress...we will see if I can pull this off!

  Here is the drawing I started the painting with.